Smiley Veterinary Clinic

Meet Our Team!

At Smiley Veterinary Clinic, great patient care is a family affair. Let our family take care of your smallest family members!

Dr. David Smiley

Dr. David Smiley took a circuitous route to veterinary medicine. At one time a camera man for a KETV Kentucky, then a professor of both English and Communications, Dr. Smiley came to the realization he was meant to be a veterinarian…After playing catch up with undergraduate classes, Dr. Smiley started veterinary school at the University of Tennessee. Graduating four years later, with two toddler boys and a wife, the family moved to New Hampshire and set down their roots. He began his medical career working for another vet but quickly realized he wanted to practice in his own way. After establishing the Auburn Small Animal Mobile Veterinary Practice and working at the Emergency Clinic of Manchester it became apparent Dr. Smiley needed a home base and thus the Smiley Veterinary Clinic was born. Dr. Smiley, practicing veterinary medicine for over twenty years, finally established his own veterinary hospital in Auburn in the early 2000. His practice has expanded to a new building in Londonderry where he now works with his son Jake.

Dr. Jake Smiley

“After being raised in a family that always had more non human animal  members than humans in it, I knew my life would always involve pets in some form. I just wasn’t sure how that would manifest. As college graduation loomed, I needed to make a decision about which of my two majors, History or Biology, would get me to the next phase. I thought back on my life experiences, which included helping revive puppies during an emergency cesarean section when I was in the third grade, helping to milk the family cow, tending our chickens, or caring for my now 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier after he had throat surgery, and realized my path pointed in the direction of veterinary medicine.

Now, I am back in New Hampshire via the way of the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, happy to join my dad and bring my brand of veterinary medicine to his clinic. I look forward to sharing that with you and your pets.”